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Ten Best Gaming Keyboard – Keyboard For Gamer Review 2018

This post is made for a gamer and wannabe gamer to choose the best gaming keyboard. A gamer wants their keyboard to be smooth, easy to use and some funky looks on it. In this list, we will discuss the top 10 best gaming keyboards

Gamer usually spends hours playing games so their keyboard should be smooth. Gaming keyboard should be smooth and finest. So that they can play with ease.

Why you should choice mechanical keyboard?

The gaming keyboards are known as mechanical keyboard. These keyboards have physical switches in it, which feels better while playing. While membrane based keyboard generate signal upon touch.

Coolermaster storm quickfire tk

Coolermaster storm quickfire tk review

Coolermaster is best known for making a mechanical keyboard. But this model is one of their best. This comes with a gaming keyboard and mouse together. Three backlight modes along with five brightness levels give a pleasant feeling.

Further Cool feature

You can choose 1. Full illumination

          1. Partial Illumination

Three Switches modes are available



Cherry Mx Blue

Razer Blackwidow Chroma

Razer Blackwidow Chroma review

This keyboard is made up of plastic. The build quality is not so impressive but the design is amazing. This keyboard comes with an extra feature. You can customize the colour combination according to your taste. It is lightweight than others. It also has macro keys, USB pass through and also audio pass through.

Overall the keyboard is comfortable. The software is great and can easily be customized. The typing experience is amazing gaming experience is superb.

Tesoro Excalibur

Tesoro Excalibur keyboard review

This is one old classic looking mechanical keyboard. The design is simple but still a good keyboard to buy. There are three switches red, blue, brown. You can easily change modes. Rubber bottom for an anti-slip measure that is helpful for extreme gaming.

This keyboard is simple but very useful for gaming. Also good feature its cheap as compared to other gaming keyboards. So if you want gaming but not so fancy keyboard then this could be the best choice.

Corsair Vengeance K95 RGB

This is the simplest but yet coolest keyboard. The key impression is great. The additional features and great software end is perfect. It has full lit led keys.

Corsair Vengeance k95 have beautiful backlighting. It also has wrist rest. The quality of this keyboard is amazing.

CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid-i

CM Storm Quick Fire Rapid-i review

This keyboard is also simple in design. But it feels great when you are typing. There is only one backlight.

The keyboard is fitted with Cherry MX mechanical switches. The design is similar to 10 buttons numeric pad. You got the clean and neat option in Cherry MX, Red, Brown, Blue and more.

You are only allowed to use the five-set layouts. The individual backlighting feature is missing. As relief, you can individually colour the arrow keys and the WASD keys. You can manually configure every single button. Such presets can be saved as profiles for the future use.

Steel Series Apex M800

Steel Series Apex M800 review

Apex M800 comes with a dual processor. This processor helps in key register process. This is one cool looking mechanical keyboard. There is plenty of customization available for gamers. The keyboard is ergonomic in design. There are 16.8 million colours in the illumination of the keyboard. You can set your own lighting scheme.

Logitech G910 Orion Spark

Logitech G910 Orion Spark review

The G910 Orion spark has Mechanized keys plus customized macros are what makes Orion Spark exclusive. You will get some extra features from customized lighting to programmable features. You can technically customize each tweak. This is one of best keyboard you should buy.

The extra feature includes, adjust colour, pattern and lighting. The software is amazing that can work keyboard and additional Logitech mouse at the same time. This keyboard is more suitable for gaming rather than just typing.

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate

Razer DeathStalker Ultimate review

Razer is famous for making the ultimate accessories. This keyboard is eye-catching. There is an LCD panel replacing the standard number pad. This LCD gives extra look to the keyboard and makes it unique from another keyboard.

The software of this keyboard is easy and amazing. You can customize everyday task of logging into twitter, facebook or launching a calculator.

Mad Catz Strike TE

Mad Catz Strike TE review

This is a keyboard that uses Kailh Brown switches instead of Cherry Mx. The keyboard is faster and efficient. The Heavy duty plastic matte adds more sturdiness to intelligent design. Without showing the signs of tear or scratches and it can take up some abuse.

ROCCAT Ryos Mk Pro

ROCCAT Ryos Mk Pro review

This is the best budget gaming keyboard. The style is not so much unique but still looks good. Despite the low budget, this keyboard is still the best choice. The best part about its design is the keyboard feel too handy for professional and amateur gamers

Availability of four key switch modes makes it a must buy a keyboard. The software is easy to use. You can customize the programmable options. There is build in USB and audio connections.

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