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Lepin Flash Drive Most Secure 256 Bit Military Grade USB

Lepin is most secure usb drive ever, Imagine you left your usb some where or you drop your usb. Things will get worse when someone will steal your  data. That data could be your personal pictures or some bank details.

So in order to avoid that type of situation you need a protected USB drive. That can protect your precious data.

Lepin is encrypted flash drive. The device is compatible with Mac OS, Windows 10, Chrome OS, Linux, and Android and embedded systems. The device does not require any type of software as it is plug and play drive.

lepin most secure flash drive

Whats make it secure drive and different then the others? Well this drive is encrypted with 256 bit military grade AES XTS hardware encryption. In other words this device can not be hacked as it not only encrypted but its hardware encrypted.

More lock system includes that when ever you unplug device it will automatically locks the drive.

You can plug this device to your mobile phone or tablet with USB to USB 3.0 adapter.

How to Use Lepin Flash Drive?

How to Unlock

  • Charge it for 5 minutes (If battery is low)
  • Press the unlock button
  • press 112233
  • press unlock button again

How to modify password

  • unlock the device then green and red light flashing
  • hold down the unlock button for 3 seconds
  • press the new password
  • press the unlock button
  • press the new password again
  • press the unlock button again

How to reset to the initial state

  • make sure no light is bright
  • hold down “9” and unlock button for 3 seconds
  • press “110” and then press unlock button

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