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Huawei is considering to name their new os as ARK OS

Huawei has been chipping away at reinforcement plans for themselves as far back as they got boycotted by the US. The organization had affirmed that it is dealing with its own OS as an option in contrast to Android, and after a few trademarks presented by Huawei, we may know the name of that OS.

Prior it was inside known as the HongMeng OS, however, at this point, we have proof proposing an alternate name. Huawei has trademarked 3 names with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), including Huawei Ark OS, Huawei Ark and Ark OS.

Presently, this doesn’t authoritatively affirm the name of the OS yet thinking about that Huawei needs to quicken the procedure because of the boycott, all things considered, one of these names could be the official name for the new OS. Ark OS is a well known wagered.

It’s not clear yet at what phase of improvement Huawei’s Ark OS is. The new OS is accepted to be declared this Autumn.

There are no different subtleties accessible about Ark OS yet, we’ll update you when we get more information on it.

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