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FrontRow Wearable Camera Review Buy Online

Front Row is the camera that you can wear. Imagine you are travelling to somewhere and don’t want to miss anything. Then this camera is for you. You can wear it as neck-less and can move around.

The build of the front row is amazing. The design looks like a neck-less. You can put a chain in it and start recording your day.

FrontRow Wearable Camera Review Buy Online

One of my best future of front row is that you can go live with it. You travel to some place and want to share every moments with your friend then you can go online. You can live stream on facebook, twitter and even on youtube. So make your journey remeberble by showing every moments to your friends and family.

There is a touch screen panel that allows you to control the gadget. You can connect mobile app so you can transfer all footage.

The battery life of this device is insane. With the single charge you can move get 50 hours of battery life.

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