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Facebook is going to train 1 million people in Asia-Pacific region Gadgetscoop

Facebook is a social media platform that is increasing day by day tremendously. Facebook introduces an online platform and students will be able to learn from this online platform. They named this as “We Think Digital”Recently Facebook has decided that they will train one million people across eight countries in the Asia-pacific region by 2020.

This online platform will help students to learn and think critically and share thoughtfully online. It will have interactive tutorials which will help students to gain knowledge. The tutorial series is developed with collaboration with journalist, academics and representatives from NGOs.

As the digital market is increasing day by day and we need more people who can handle the privacy, safety and other threats that are faced online. So these students will learn topics like privacy, security, safety, digital discourse and knowing digital footprint.

Clair Deevy, Director of Community Affairs, Asia Pacific, said: “We designed the programme in partnership with experts from across the Asia Pacific”.

Internet population in the Asia Pacific is increasing tremendously. Internet companies in Asia are keen to provide internet on cheap rates. There are 2.21 billion people now online and 203 million people joined the internet last year.

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