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Asus Blue Cave Router Review | 1st Router Without Antenna That Looks Good Amazing At Home

Usually, Routers came up with all traditional design having two antennae or one antenna. But Asus changed the game by introducing a router that has no antenna. ASUS is Taiwan biggest tech company and its spread all over the world. You probably heard of ASUS. They make laptops, tablets, desktops and also some gadgets.

asus blue cave router

Recently ASUS launched a WI-FI router called ‘blue cave’. Blue cave AC2600 Dual-band smart WI-FI router has very fast connectivity and can also be used to stream 4k video. Blue cave have built in advance security for secure communication. Through this router, you can connect more client devices than ordinary routers. More user under one router.

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The best part of this router is that you are getting rid of the ordinary WiFi antenna. This unique design of the router looks like a tiny gadget or speaker. There is a hole at the centre of the router just like a cave and light emits through this cave. That is the reason they named it as a blue concave. The dimensions of this device are 160 x 160 x 80 mm and its weight is 1.7 lbs. This is a portable design and you can take it anywhere and plus it looks cool if you place it in the house or office.

Security of this device is kept In mind and it is equipped with the A protection. This security solution is provided by Trend Micro. This security includes IoT (internet of things) that protects against hacking. This is commercial grade security that means that they provide protection of all connected devices.

There is also an app for this device that will help you to control your device. You can monitor every connected person with this device. It also shows the usage of the internet. This app can send you security reports and you can also restrict other apps through this app. Furthermore, if someone tries to hack into your device or it is a new user then the app will send a notification to the user.

Although there are no antennas apparently but there are four antennas hidden inside this router. These antennae are on top of the router. ASUS claims that this antenna can reach speed up to 1240 Mbps and it is faster than other AC2600 routers.

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